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Sounds Like Me

Individuals start their journey by taking our Sounds Like Me personality profile test. Sounds Like Me is developed specifically for each individual's culture, incorporating musical styles which reflect music tastes in various regions. Individuals simply listen to a number of tracks and are asked to say whether they like, dislike or are neutral towards the track. Our personality test draws from the Big Five personality model and uses responses to music tracks to deliver a personality profile. The Big Five model identifies five broad personality traits: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. These traits are commonly remembered as OCEAN.

Short/Full Test

The length of the test depends on how many of the Big Five traits an individual wants to profile themselves on. We encourage a minimum of two, particularly Openness (O) and Conscientiousness (C) for a short test, though we can combine any of the five OCEAN traits for a more detailed personality profile. We highly recommend individuals  complete the full test in order to gain the best possible insight on their OCEAN scores and to find out more on how this influences many aspects of their daily lives. The full test gives insight on all five OCEAN dimensions, features more tracks and allows for additional features to be unlocked for the individual to enjoy.

Find out more about yourself by trying our Sounds Like Me Full personality profiling test.

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