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Companies can find out more about customers who have similar personality traits

Companies can find out more about customers who have similar personality trait scores to themselves via a “Your Customers” section, which can display content alongside probability scores. Initially ranked and rated by sections which are most relevant to the company, there is also the opportunity to further opt-in for a wide-variety of personality details of customers.

Select a category below to see what you can learn about your customers...

  • Internet & Technology
    Smartphone Usage Internet Usage Gaming Perceived Usefulness of Technology Student Internet Misuse Internet Addiction Computing Skills Aptitude Mobile Apps
  • Shopping
    Market Mavens Design Driven Purchases Shopping Brand Evangelism Materialism & Excessive Buying
  • Art & Media
    Artistic Preferences Media & Culture Preferences Entertainment Media Preferences Consumption of Leisure Experiences Art & Architecture Media Violence
  • Productivity
    Flow Entrepreneurialism Writing Style Maximizing Tendencies Creativity Participating in Surveys
  • Finances
    Financial Well-Being Economic Opportunism Economic Beliefs Financial Distress
  • The Self
    Optimism Forgiveness Indecisiveness Pride Lies Personal Values Self-Concept Clarity Aggression Bereavement Narrative Responses to the pain of other’s Agency Threat Self-Compassion Trust Fear of Missing Out Coolness Flying Dreams
  • Relationships
    Emotional Investment Non-Verbal Communication Mate Poaching Friendships Parenting Style Citizenship(Helping Behaviours) Number of Children Offering Help (Who do you help?) Non-Retaliation (Do you turn the other cheek?) Enduring Marriages Imagined Interaction Anti-Social Behaviour Vengeance Conflict Management
  • Healthy & Well-Being
    Happiness Coping Strategies Pleasurable Emotions Mindfulness Subjective Well-Being Risky Health Outcomes Emotional Intelligence Risk Propensity All-Cause Mortality Self-Efficacy & Stress Sleep Disturbances Vaccination Safety Blood Donation
  • Online Communication & Social Media
    Selfies Facebook Usage Online Travel Websites Twitter News Articles E-mail Overload True Self Online Types of Facebook Status Updates Facebook Photographs Social Media Aggression Texting Frequency Social Advice Networks Emoticons in Social Media
  • Careers & Education
    Workplace Readiness Workaholism Decision Making Under Pressure Social Investment At Work Retirement Motivation to Learn in the Workplace Approaches to Learning in Higher Education Relationship with Mentor/Supervisor Studying Abroad Taking Sickies Career Success Satisfaction With Working in Teams Negotiating Style Earnings Student Burnout
  • Lifestyle
    General Knowledge Body Tattoos and Piercings Everyday Behaviours Morning Person (Are You A Morning Person?) Late/Early (Are You Late or Early) Daily Life Situations Green Space At Fault Driving Accidents Natural Habitat Sense of Humour Are We Boring You Poker & Superstition
  • Politics, Society, Culture & Environment"
    Environmental Engagement Political Voting The Meaning of Life Social Status Connectedness to Nature & Humanity Animal Welfare Eco-Friendly Tourist Behaviour Cultural Intelligence Tourism Development Anti-Social Behaviour Online Political Engagement
  • Food, Drink & Physical Activity"
    Eating Habits Physical Inactivity Exercise Eating Locally Produced Food Alcohol Consumption Enjoying Bitter Tastes Vegetarian Walking Athletic Success

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