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This is your BPS profile

Once alignment is reached, companies will receive general information about their BPS personality across all five OCEAN dimensions.


Your brand’s low openness means that you should stress perseverance, pragmatism, and evidence rather than ideas. You take the approach you do because it works rather than because it is fashionable, novel, or interesting, and you are resistant to flashy concepts, preferring instead to stick with established ways of doing things. Your low openness means that there is a risk your brand may be perceived as dogmatic, inflexible, close-minded, and lacking creativity. You should aim to highlight the conventional and traditional elements of your brand. You should try to avoid over complicating your brand; do not entertain ideas which could be considered as too abstract.


Your brand is highly extravert. It is energetic and lively, enthusiastic, and upbeat. It is lively, the ‘life and soul’ of the party, and the focus of attention, favouring stimulation and positive moods. It is also assertive, and so while this can of course be a positive, be careful to avoid being overwhelming. Similarly, while your ‘sunny and funny’ approach is helpful, be careful to avoid being perceived as more focused on exuberance and fun than on being professional and ‘getting the job done’. People may be suspicious that you may leap to solutions or otherwise fail to reflect on problems and give them the time they deserve, and so be ready to counter this.


Your brand is low on neuroticism. Your brand is all about confidence, calm, and reassurance. It is dependable and reliable: customers know you won’t let them down, that nothing will break, that everything will be as it was described to them. The brand also values consistency: customers know that the experience will be the same every time they purchase, and so they have a strong expectation of what the brand will deliver: customers trust you to deliver on your promise. Your brand makes customers’ lives simpler and more predictable, and turns life from a death-defying rollercoaster into a dependable and unsinkable cruise ship. The obvious downside is that the brand risks being perceived as a little staid and unfashionable, and perhaps even boring, although this may not necessarily be a bad thing for you.


Your brand’s high conscientiousness means that it focuses dutifully on ‘doing the right thing’. Your brand is careful, responsible, well-organised, and planned with the goal of achieving a well-defined end point. It values achievement, and defines this via conventional and traditional conceptualisations of ‘success’ and ‘good outcomes’. It indicates that these can be achieved via hard work and discipline as part of a more generally conservative and traditional worldview. It is reliable, neat, thorough, and diligent, and it thinks before it acts. It conforms and subscribes wholeheartedly to accepted rules and standards, and doesn’t have a counter-culture bone in its body to the extent of being a bit ‘straight’ and unexciting. You should aim to be diligent with your product and brand delivery, ensuring every move you make is done so with precision.


Your brand’s high agreeableness means that it has a deep sympathy with clients’ and customers’ needs and a genuine desire to help them. It is kind, considerate, and tender. It demonstrates that it is truly committed to understanding and addressing their problems and aspirations by directly speaking to their needs and desires, particularly in areas in which they need help. It places great value on social harmony, keeping the peace, and building trust by telling the truth. It is unambiguously ‘on the side’ of customers, and will be prepared to sacrifice itself to help them and do so with modesty. It is never confrontational or argumentative, and instead is a shoulder to cry on, a cheerleader, and a helper. The downside to this is that the brand may be perceived as being too focused on being nice and insufficiently focused on getting results and grinding the opposition into the dust.

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