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Judy, this is just a drop in the OCEAN. To get your full profile you will need to sit the Full Test

The percentages displayed show how you score compared to the broader population. For example, 70% on Openness means that you are likely to be more open than 70% of the population

The Unpredictable Creative

You have an appreciation and sensitivity towards aesthetics, beauty and art, and like to experience a variety of cultures. New experiences are pleasant for you – you embrace the different and unconventional with your flexible way of thinking. People view you as somewhat of an intellectual, as you are prone to seeking knowledge to gain an insight to the world around you.

The Focused Achiever

You have a sense of self-discipline, and use a well-organised approach to life in order to accomplish the tasks that you set yourself. You take a thoughtful, calculated approach to decisions, with the focus on achieving the best possible outcome and making the most of your abilities. You strive to excel and have a strong sense of direction and self-motivation. Others view you as hard-working, and as someone they can rely and depend upon.

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