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The Programmatic, fully personalised marketing engine...

Imagine true personalization. Imagine the ability to delve into the inner workings of your personality. Imagine products automatically presented to you which are uniquely suggested and suited to every individual's own personality. Imagine a world where products and individuals are brought together through matched traits and unique qualities.  A system that automatically knows you just as well as your best friend and loved ones do, without data mining or breaching your confidentiality.

Beyond typical personalised communication...

elgoog goes beyond typical personalised communication or the use of existing user data. It is built on behavioural science and evidence-based research.


There are various components to elgoog, best defined by considering the individual journey features, the brands/products/services journey features and the relationship between the two.


Each component has its own benefits, whilst also being able to work together to deliver a comprehensive, automated system.

True personalisation. A comprehensive, automated system

Based on patented work of world-leading academics, elgoog is an engaging way of learning more about the unique traits which make an individual who they are.


Incorporating a global personality model which is academically revered and widely applied, we deliver the strategies of communication that are a best fit for true personalisation - possibly one of the most valuable emerging technologies available today.

Two journeys... in the most productive and marketable ways

The individual journey enables people to find out more about their personality through our Sounds Like Me test – people simply respond to a number of music tracks that are played and can then receive detailed insight to their personality! The BPS journey allows brands, products and/or services to align their brand personality with consumers, and ensure that they are representing their core values through effective marketing solutions. Our automated matching component brings individuals and BPS clients together, creating an efficient way for individuals to be matched with the right products in a way that is meaningful to them, and for BPS clients to find the right people for their products in the most productive and marketable ways  - the positive impact of which is invaluable.


Find out more about yourself by trying our Sounds Like Me Full personality profiling test.

Try it...

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